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RE: SASL authentication, user not found

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> lør, 2003-03-22 kl. 19:06 skrev Karl Lattimer:
> > With the SASL regexp set to (In reply to Tony Earnshaw);
> Basically, I owe this all (and a lot more :) to Howard Chu anyway, so
> always believe him first ... heh ...

One day I'm going to show up in Amsterdam and I'm going to expect you to tell
me where the good pubs are...

> > sasl-regexp
> >         "uid=(.*),cn=LSiaB,cn=DIGEST-MD5,cn=auth"

Normally the SASL library strips off the realm if the user is in the default
realm. Look at your slapd logs and see if the "cn=LSiaB" part is actually
showing up. I expect it's not, so you should remove that from the regexp.

> >         "uid=$1,ou=test,o=lsiab.lan"
> > #       "ldap:///o=lsiab.lan??sub?=uid=$1";
> >
> > The # is there because I've been trying both with every
> thing I've changed.
> Well, mine works and I cheesed mine off Howard!

Search filters are enclosed in parentheses. The above filter cannot work as

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