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Re: SASL authentication, user not found

lør, 2003-03-22 kl. 14:19 skrev Karl Lattimer:

> In a recent post to the mailing list I saw that 
> >> sasl-regexp 
> >> 	"uid=(.*),cn=digest-md5,cn=auth" 
> >> 	"ldap:///dc=rtp,dc=KiNETWORKS,dc=com??sub?cn=$1";
> may work better, would this help in my situation??

This was my posting and has a fault:


should be


if you look at the first line of your slapd.conf sasl-regexp, you will
see why.

The original thread began on Tuesday last, was initiated by Cindy Wang.
Follow the thread and try for yourself.



Tony Earnshaw

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