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Problems with back-perl


I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.  I have a
well-established MySQL database with contact information.  I am attempting
to set up an OpenLDAP directory using this information and I wanted to try
the back-perl backend to link the two together.  So, I compiled OpenLDAP
with perl support, started with the SampleLDAP.pm file, and copied it to
/home/openldap/MY_LDAP.pm.  I changed the "package SampleLDAP;" line in the
file to read "package MY_LDAP";.  Then, I added the following to my

database    perl
suffix         "dc=mydomain,dc=com"
rootdn       "cn=manager,dc=mydomain,dc=com"
rootpw       mypassword

perlModulePath = /home/openldap/MY_LDAP.pm
perlModule = MY_LDAP

When I try to run "slapd -d -1" I get the following:

line 60 (rootpw ***)
line 62 (perlModulePath = /home/openldap/MY_LDAP.pm)
line 63 (perlModule = MY_LDAP)
Can't call method "new" without a package or object reference.

I thought the perlModulePath may want a directory instead of the file, so I
tried passing it just "/home/openldap" but no luck.  I have read the
slapd-perl man pages, searched the mailing lists, google, and google groups
and cannot seem to find any good examples on how to set this up.  From what
I can tell, the initialization only requires the correct parameters in the
slapd.conf file and the new method in the perl module to correctly create
the new object.  I figured I would get it to initialize with the sample
file, then start adding in code to connect to the database and return my
data but I cannot even get past this point.  I have set up OpenLDAP before
with a BDB backend and had no trouble at all with it.  If anyone has any
good examples or tips on what my problem might be I would greatly appreciate