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Re: Deleting non-leaf entries from LDAP.

I believe there's an "-r" switch in ldapdelete that does the necessary recursion.


Michael Ströder wrote:

Christian Pohl wrote:
> Sridhar Bandi wrote:
>>     Can someone let  me know how to delete entries which
>>     are under a non-leaf entry and that non-leaf entry also.
> You have to delete it all one by one starting at the leaves up to the
> "non-leave".

Note that when coding such a thing the operational attribute 'hasSubordinates' available in recent OpenLDAP 2.1.x is quite handy. You have to explicitly request this operational attribute.

(There are similar operational attributes on other LDAP servers: 'numSubordinates' on Netscape/Sun/iPlanet, 'subordinateCount' on Novell eDirectory).

Ciao, Michael.