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Search Scope ?

I am authenticating Linux(RH8) against Active Directory using Ldap.
Everything works fine if my bind users and the domain users are all in the
same OU (Users), and the relavant part of my ldap.conf looks like this:

scope sub

nss_base_passwd cn=Users,DC=test,DC=domain,DC=ca?one
nss_base_shadow cn=Users,DC=test,DC=domain,DC=ca?one
nss_base_group cn=Users,DC=test,DC=domain,DC=ca?one

What I need to happen is have the users that reside in the OU domainUsers be
able to log in as WELL as the users in the OU Users.

so basically my thinking says that the above should look like this:

nss_base_passwd DC=test,DC=domain,DC=ca?one
nss_base_shadow DC=test,DC=domain,DC=ca?one
nss_base_group DC=test,DC=domain,DC=ca?one

but that doesn't work.

Does anyone have any ideas of how i can make it search my entire Directory?



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