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Re: Different CN's for DN and CN.

Adam Williams wrote:
Yes that's a new constraint comming with 2.1.14 and above ...(better 
respect to RFCs i supose)
RDN attribute must be exactly the same (except respect of case) as the 
attributre difined in the object. in your case you must have:
dn: cn=myname, ou=people, dc=sws, dc=oldham, dc=uk, dc=net
cn: myname
and  NOT:
cn: My Name
Does it have to be a cn attribute in this case? I seem to have built 
some DITs  with some attributes only appear
in dn.

All elements of the RDN must appear as attributes in the object.

There are lots of examples which do not follow this rule. As for this example,
# MemberGroupA, stooges
dn: ou=MemberGroupA,o=stooges
ou: MemberGroupA
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalUnit
description: Members of MemberGroupA

Here "organizationalUnit" does not allow an attribute of "o".