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Re: Adding attributes (in a massive way)....

Either way works.  But if ldapmodify performs on average one update per 
second (which is what mine does), then the slapcat/edit/slapadd process 
is usually faster (granted, I'm working on 50000 entries, not 5000).


Today at 10:06am, Ramón Corominas wrote:

> Hello all,
> Once I add attributres on my schema, how can I add such attributes (in a
> massive way) to more than 5.000 entries ?
> I know that one way will be export my ldif file and add to all users this
> attribues and then import the new ldif. Another way will be using a script
> with ldapmodify for each entry.
> I don't now what should be the best way. Anyone can help me ?
> Thanks in advance,
>     Ramon.

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