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Re: Different CN's for DN and CN.

> On Tue, 17 Mar 2003, Andrew McCall wrote:
>> It looks like I have a load of perl-coding so I can clear this up :(
> If it's any help, I have a Perl script that looks for this and other
> anomalies; it doesn't correct them, but reports them.  It takes a
> slapcat file as input (I can't use Net::LDAP because it croaks in the
> face of these errors).
> It currently looks for:
>   Missing RDN
>   Multiple RDNs
>   Mismatched RDN
>   Missing superior for objectClass
>   Orphan

You may also run slapadd in continue mode (-c) and in
dryrun mode (-u, which I notice now it's undocumented);
this way it doesn't stop in case of error and it doesn't
actually write to the backend.


Pierangelo Masarati