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RE: 2nd bdb tree access problem

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> Hi!
> i have a weird problem with OpenLDAP 2.1.16 when i use a
> second bdb backend
> database.

> then i can still bind and still browse everything (first and
> second trees),
> but... i can only modify things in the second (abc) database.
> so, my problem is: i can not write to the original database
> after i loaded a
> second database.
> my first thought was that access control is specific to each database,
> but according to 'man slapd.conf' the 'access' systax is part
> of the global
> config.

'man slapd.conf' actually says


  Options described in this section apply to all backends, unless
specifically overridden in a backend definition.

In the case of access controls, any rules you specify before any backends are
defined are global. Controls you specify after a "database" keyword apply
only to that specific database.

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