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Re: Enabling slp in ldap

> I am trying to enable slp in ldap, so that a LDAP-Server should contact to a
> SLP-Directory Agent on start and register his name and url. I searched this 
> information in OpenLDAP archiv and found an entry, which says, I should
> configure with CPPFALGE
> -> CPPFLAGS=-DHAVE_SLP ./configure   
> I configured (openldap-2.1.3) in this way with optional parameter.
> -> CPPFLAGS=-DHAVE_SLP ./configure --disable-bdb --enable-ldbm --enable-slp
> --enable-ldap   
> OpenLDAP finds slp files.   
> checking for slp.h... yes   
> checking for SLPOpen in -lslp... yes   
> But when I start slapd, it does not register with SLP-Directory Agent.   
compiled OpenLDAP 2.1.16 with after configuring it with --enable-slp
and found slpad registering its services at the SLP DA on startup and 
deregistering them on shutdown without problems.
The only thing required that this setup works is that you have slpd running
on the machine that openldap is running on.
It does not matter if slpd is configured as SA only or as DA, but it must be 
running the whole time slapd runs.

Peter Marschall
eMail: peter@adpm.de