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what if slapd hangs???

Hallo everybody,

trying now to add ca. 10000 entries to my directory using LDAP client I've noticed that slapd (2.1.8 yeah a bit old ....)  starts to do "nothing". Here I mean that it actually responded to other clients but the one which is supposed to add a lot of entries is hanging ..... Same is happening with bdb and ldbm backends, it just stops to add entries. It happens on solaris 6 and solaris 8 with both berkeley 4.1.24 and 4.1.25. 

For example, in case of bdb slapd writes:

Mar 14 14:07:27 c003996 slapd[21377]: [ID 589251 local4.debug] ====> bdb_unlocked_cache_return_entry_w( 9230 ): created (0)

nothing else happens afterwards.

Looking in the list I found that some people experienced troubles with big amount of entries, however I have not found symptoms really similar to mine. Hence is there any more or less general "roadmap" which one can follow in order to identify reason for such strange behavior?

Thanx a lot, vadim tarassov.

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