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Re: auth with ldap


Shahin <shahin@gateway.ege.edu.tr> writes:

> Hi list ,
> I have installed openldap and it works properly(make test was succesfull)
> and there is squid on same box (RH 7.3 2.4.19 Squid Cache: Version
> 2.4.STABLE6)
> Is it possible to make authantication for squid users , if the password
> and usernames for auth are stored on the other box ?
> Or what must I do for accomplishing this task ?

Change to squid.2.5.STABLE1 or higher, compile with the included
modules squid_ldap_auth and squid_ldap_group, use squid_ldap_auth for
basic authentication, or squid_ldap-group for external authentication.


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