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RE: Problem with OpenLDAP 2.0.25

tor, 2003-03-13 kl. 22:31 skrev Joshua Call:

> To answer Pierangelo and Ian's questions...
> The folder exists, slapd is currently running under the root account,
> which owns the folder.  I have also made the folder read/writeable by
> all users, just to see if that is the problem.

> <= ldbm_cache_open NULL "dn2id.dbb" errno=2 reason="No
> such file or directory"
> <= dn2id could not open dn2id.dbb

But it's also telling you one of your database files doesn't exist. It
can't exist until you've added basic data (at very least the DSA suffix)
with an ldif file and ldapadd or slapadd.

> > When I try to use any of the slap tools, I get
> > "xxxxxx: could not open database."  I have double and
> > triple checked my conf files, and brought in a friend
> > to help me check them as well.  Everything looks good,
> > and it is his understanding that the dbb files are
> > created if they do not exist when ldapadd is run.

But your debug is telling you they do not exist, isn't it? Can't you see
for yourself? (ls -l in the db directory).

>   Can
> > any tell me what is going on, or at the least get me
> > some blank dbb files I can throw in to get this ball
> > rolling?

That last is useless, since thes files are specific to your own

I can't understand why people don't just follow the admin guide
quick-start to get started, at least. All the difficult parts come
*after* that.




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