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RE: iPlanet 4.1 and OpenLDAP 2.1.12

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> Anyone know the secret to getting iPlanet 4.1 to authenticate against
> OpenLDAP 2.1.12 ? I've done this before on a previous version
> a year or so
> ago, but we had some problems with other parts of our system
> that caused us
> to switch direction a bit. It's time to revisit, but I can't
> for the life of
> me get it to work with the latest version. Scanned through
> the FAQ and it
> only dealt with a much older version of OpenLDAP.
> The error that iPlanet is giving me is:

Meaningless, there is nothing relevant to the actual LDAP transactions here.
We work with OpenLDAP on this list. Even if there was any useful information
to be gleaned from those messages, there's no reason to expect iPlanet
diagnostics to be familiar or enlightening to an OpenLDAP user. Perhaps they
would mean something on an iPlanet support list.

Without knowing anything pertinent about your server configuration, I'd make
a wild guess that iPlanet is making an LDAPv2 request to slapd. LDAPv2
support is disabled by default, but you can add "allow bind_v2" to your
slapd.conf to enable it.

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