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RE: Slurpd error

This is a very interesting question that I wrestled with and was never
able to resolve.  I was interested in this issue because slurpd was
crashing inexplicably and I was trying to discover why.  I went so far
as to put print statements in the section of code in ri.c where this
message originates. I printed the host and port from the replication
structure built from slapd.conf where each replication host is defined.
I also printed the host and port in the internal queue structure where
hosts and ports to replicate to and replication instructions are
contained.  The code is supposed to print the "not mine" error message
when the host or port in the internal queue does not match a host and
port defined in the replication structure.  I found that when I printed
the hosts and ports in both structures at the time of the error message,
they did, in fact, match.  

I discovered the source of the slurpd crash elsewhere and never got back
to the "not mine" mystery, but if anyone else knows the true scoop, I
would also be interested in hearing it.  

However, the good news is that I have never encountered a situation
where I've missed an update to any replica in spite of frequent
occurrences of this message.  So I'm assuming that it occurs during an
extraneous loop through the ri process.


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Subject: Slurpd error

When I replicate the base, I receive the message:

Replica, skip repl record for ou=People,o=univates,c=br

(not mine)

What is this (not mine) ?

My master slapd.conf is:
replica host= binddn="cn=Manager,o=univates,c=br" bind
method=simple credentials=secret

And my slave slapd.conf is:
updatedn        "cn=Manager,o=univates,c=br"
rootpw             secret