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Re: ldapseaarch goes newline with long lines

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, Dr. Andreas Moroder wrote:

> none of this solutions work. There is NO space at the end of line. There is only
> a 0x0A, like in the other lines also.
> What distincts the line that should be merge to the lines before is that they
> have no : inthere.

I don't quite understand what you are saying here.

In LDAP, a continuation line is distinguished by a single space at
the start of the line; it gets appended to the previous line, deleting
both the previous line's newline and the next line's space.  It has
nothing to do with whether the line contains a ":" or not.

For example, the sequence:


is equivalent to 123, and:


is the same as 1 2 3.

Are you saying that the Perl one-liner "perl -p -0040 -e 's/\n //'"
does not work?  I assure you it does.  Did you actually try it?

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