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Re: ACLs, groups, and regular expressions... oh my

> >
> > I'm bewilderd !
> So I see. Let me try to state it a bit differently...
> Regexp matching compares a single regexp pattern with a single string. It
> asks a yes or no question, does the string fit the pattern? Obviously, to
> perform a matching operation, you must first have two expressions to
> compare.
> In an ACL "group" clause, you only have the group DN in the clause. You
> aren't comparing the group DN to the target DN, and you're not comparing
> the group DN to the user's DN. There is nothing to match it against. As
> such, the group DN does not undergo any regexp matching operation at all.
> It can undergo string substitution using the results of the "to" clause's
> match. That's all.

Thank you. 

Do you think it would be wise to discuss acl's in a seperate list and would 
you agree with me trying to compose comprehensive acl documentation outside 
the faq-u-matic ? I'd be very pleased to see such things happen since my own 
project is dead in the water due to, let's say 'malcomprehension' of ACL's.


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