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RE: ACLs, groups, and regular expressions... oh my

It sounds like you copied a core.schema from an older version of OpenLDAP. is "createTimestamp" which has been part of slapd's internal schema
for over a year.  Nothing we bundled would have included such an old schema

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> From: Iquo.O.Abia@spdc.shell.com [mailto:Iquo.O.Abia@spdc.shell.com]

> Howard and all,
> Please I got this error message while trying to run the
> connexitor server.
> /opt/symas/etc/openldap/schema/core.schema: line 29: attribute type
> "" is operational
> Connexitor Directory Services start failed.
> I copied some schemas from an openldap installation I have that works okay.
> So I am wondering why this does not work and the core.schema file is the
> that comes with the connexitor directory server installation
> Please could someone help me.
> 	Iquo.