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Re: ldap+ssl/tls

did you create keys for ldap clients using openldap library (like
evolution) ?
and if you did, did you specify the
keys' location in your .ldaprc file ?

did you use your server's fqdn to create the server keys ?
do you use this fqdn to connect to your server ?

what does your slapd log say ?


Le mar 11/03/2003 à 14:43, Craig Jackson a écrit :
> I set up an ldap server which allows plain text authentication, but was
> unable to configure it to use ssl/tls authentication. I have the
> ldap-tls package installed (Debian system). Ldap is listening on 636 and
> 389 (using netstat and telnet from another box as test), so it seems to
> be working. However, when trying to authenticate from Evolution client,
> the connection fails. Has anyone gone this route before?
> Other info:
> The pem file is 600
> I used this site as a guide: 
> http://www.securityfocus.com/infocus/1428
> Thanks.
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