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Re: Autocreating home directories for virtual users? (pam_mkhome?)

Hello Jayson,

I just built (succesfully) this same type of system. I never saw any
mention of this feature ( I did see it with proftpd FTP server ) in all
my readings.

Using maildrop for local delivery allows you to set your details up in
LDAP but maildrop is what is going to create the home directories
because it delivers the mail. And I never saw any provision for this
within Maildrop.


On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 16:27, Jayson Henkel wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm attempting to setup virtual users on my mailserver, I am using
> postfix and courier. I'm delivering mail to ~/Maildir, my question is,
> is there the ability to autocreate home directories for the users
> present in the directory automagically when they receive the first piece
> of mail. I've examined pam_mkhomedir but it appears to only work if the
> person logs in interactively with some sort of shell. Am I wrong on that
> assumption? Is it possible to automatically create home directories on
> the fly or am I stuck scripting something?
> Thanks,