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RE: OpenLDAP 2.1.15 released

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A couple (more) comments on this release...

> re: slurpd on Win NT - this has been minimally working with MinGW since
> OpenLDAP 2.1.3. In 2.1.15, support was added to run slurpd as a Windows
> service, instead of just as a command-line executable.

Almost forgot - the existing service support for slapd was modified so that
it could also be used by slurpd. The invocation method for slapd has changed
as a result, so if you already had slapd installed as a service before, you
must remove it and reinstall it with the new image. ("slapd remove" followed
by "slapd install".) Simply copying the new slapd.exe over the old image will
not work. Also, none of the slurpd code has been tested with Cygwin or MSVC.
Neither of those environments are worthwhile to me, so unless someone else
steps up to maintain them they will continue to be ignored.

> Summary of recent operational changes:

> In 2.1.6 the support for "suffixaliases" in slapd was disabled.

> In 2.1.13 the suffixalias code was deleted.

With the removal of suffixalias, it no longer makes any sense to support
multiple suffixes in a single database. In 2.1.13 back-bdb was changed to
disallow multiple suffixes by default. You can manually re-enable this
support if you wish, by recompiling back-bdb with BDB_MULTIPLE_SUFFIXES
defined. However, this will slow down entry indexing by a significant factor.
In general, it's not a good idea.

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