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Re: md5 passwords from /etc/passwd

> Password must be in form:
> {CRYPT}$1$seed$crypted_pass
> slapd.conf must have:
> password-crypt-salt-format     "$1$%.8s$"
> If you run slapd on linux, it must be linked with -lcrypt, wich MUST BE LINKED BEFORE "-lcrypto"
> if you run slapd on bsd, just edit slapd.conf.
> Best regards, Brane


but problem is that some users had crypt (youknow, with usual 2-byte salt) and some md5 passwords in /etc/passwd and
so in are they now in ldap.
So then i put password-crypt-salt-format     "$1$%.8s$" then usual {crypt} passwords wont work , is'nt it?