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md5 passwords from /etc/passwd


In /etc/passwd I have md5 passwords like:$1$wOY2/mv4$3Hn9qo2Mjf6G4AIOXT3WG0
If i insert password using GQ client, by inserting password and choosing md5 hash then password in ldap record looks
like this:{MD5}5PGUy6KZYOEti48b/tyXKw==

well, now I have linux+pam_ldap+nss_ldap configured and working fine, only that i take this
$1$wOY2/mv4$3Hn9qo2Mjf6G4AIOXT3WG0 passwod from /etc/passwd and insert to ldap (of course i put {md5} in beginning)
then I cant log on to linux. I there is md5 password in from {MD5}5PGUy6KZYOEti48b/tyXKw== or crypt passwords then
everything works fine.

Are md5 passwords in /etc/passwd encoded with another algorithm or smtng?
Or in more general: how to configure md5 passwords from /etc/passwd (or /etc/shadow) to LDAP?