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Re: Slurpd fails

Hello Howard,

Thanks for your immediately reply.
But if i configure --with-threads, it shows.
configure: error: could not locate usable POSIX Threads

I tried all option almost, like exporting pthread through LIBS as
export LIBS=-lpthread
export LIBS=<path to pthread> (libpthread.so)

I'm using HP-UX itanium processor
Plz help me to overcome this.

Note: openldap-2.0.7 is ok with same machine,
but latest openldpa-2.0.27
gives thread error at configure as above.


> Remove the "--without-threads" option to configure. Like the error message
> says, slurpd requires threads support. Just adding libpthread to a
> isn't enough to make threads work, there is much much more involved.
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> Hello All,
> I configured openldap --without-threads and then edited Makefiles to have
> libpthread.
> All went fine.
> But while running slurpd , it gives
> "slurpd currently requires threads support"
> ldd slurpd ---shows libpthread path.
> i'm using openldap-2.0.27.
> Hope someone would help me to solve this.
> Plz help me asap
> Advance thanks.
> Regards,
> -sadha