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multiple LDAP Directory - question from a newbie

I am new to the mailing list and to openLDAP. Here is the question I have-
If I have multiple LDAP Directories that I want to search for entries, is there a single LDAP Directory or service I can configure to cascade these multiple LDAP Directories. So all I need to do is query this central LDAP Dir for info and this will proxy the request and query the various different LDAP dirs (its configured to go against)??
I am not looking for referals to be passed to the client, I want the server to carry out the query...

		  |		|<-----LDAP---->| LDAP DIR 1|
user<----LDAP---->|LDAP DIR A	|<-----LDAP---->| LDAP DIR 2|
		  |		|<-----LDAP---->| LDAP DIR 3|	

I know with Domino LDAP service this feature is available with a functionality called Directory Assistance. But not everyone has Domino deployed...
Any assistance would be appreciated.