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Enabling OpenSLP in OpenLDAP

I want to enable OpenSLP in OpenLDAP. OpenLDAP should register to SLP Directory-Agent with hostname and url, when it starts and deregister from SLP, when slpad stops.

I have searched the above information in the OpenLDAP-Softeare archiv according that; I configured OpenLDAP as following:


I put some additional parameters and configured like this.

CPPFLAGS=-DHAVE_SLP ./configure --disable-bdb --enable-ldbm --enable-slp --enable-ldap

Unfortunately it does not enable slp in ldap. 

Does any one have idea, how can I enable slp in ldap, please?



I remember reading that
> slapd could be compiled so that it is Service Location Protocol
> (SLP) aware. I know the SLP code is in slapd, but I can't
> seem to find any information how to enable it.
> It only needs to register to SLP with hostname and port
> when slapd starts and deregister from SLP when slapd stops
> (which I suppose it already does).
> Can anyone assist me with this?

All you have to do is #define HAVE_SLP by hand (e.g.


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