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LDIF - pointing an attribute's value at another attribute in the same entry

Hi there.

I'm supporting a bunch of existing apps with my directory, and I don't
really have any control of what attributes these apps request to get
their information.  So for example, while the Mozilla address book will
request a 'description' for a person's entry, Evolution will request
'note' for the same exact thing.  This is a real annoyance and it
happens a lot.  So now I have a choice to make:

1.  I can alter the schema where the 'description' attribute is defined
and make it answer to the 'note' requests as well. This alters a
standard schema.  This is bad (tm)

2.  I can duplicate a value in my entry, which is really hard to
maintain and is BAD - BAD data design.

Isn't there a way to do mapping something like this in an ldif entry:

description: Brian is an ok guy. He tends not to ask 
 questions which are so inanely stupid you wish there was a 'slap'
 button next to 'reply' in your email client. 
note: %description

So that when Evo asks for 'note' it gets the value stored in
'description' for the same entry?  I thought I read of a way to do this
once, but now I can't find the reference again.