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ldappasswd v1 vs v2 -- need v1 functionality


I upgraded to v2 of openldap from a v1 installation some time ago. The v2 ldappasswd is much different so I kept a v1 ldappasswd command around, since it works against my v2 database. However, now I am installing this on a friends machine, with a different architecture, so I need to perhaps find a better solution.

Namely, I need the v1 ldappasswd functionality in a command line tool that allows me to update a password field in my ldap database where the password field is in an arbitrary attribute using an arbitrary supported encryption method.

This is what I was doing with v1 ldappasswd (example from in a script):

ldappasswd -a somePasswordField -b "myDomain=$2,dc=me,dc=tld" -e $3 -W -D "cn=Manager,dc=me,dc=tld" -H md5 "myAccountName=$1"

looking at the man page for the v2 ldappasswd, I don't see any way to specify the attribute to update etc. Any enlightement would be appreciated.