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Re: modify upon the root DSE not supported

On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 02:53:04PM +0000, hatim wrote:

> i attached slapd.conf of the master and the slave and log files for master 
> and slave .
> the master is in ldap://ok.domain.com with tls in the port 11101
> the slave in ok2.domain.com in the port 10001

I do not see any obvious error in the config files, but there is still
not enough log data to be sure of what is going on. We need to see the
complete life of each connection from initial BIND to final CLOSE,
ideally with timestamps so that the two logs can be compared properly.
There is no need to include the PDU dumps: log level 768 or 769 is
more likely to be useful.

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