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RE: saslauxprop and libldapdb, auxpropfunc error -7

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> Greetings all:
> As background, I'm trying to get the libldap auxprop plugin
> (distributed with OpenLDAP) for SASL to work.  The goal is to have
> services that use SASL be able to use secure password exchanges
> (DIGESTMD5, etc.) when the user account info is stored in OpenLDAP.

> Running the Cyrus sample program, or the Cyrus IMAP server (which does,
> BTW, authenticate OK with the sasldb plugin), I just keep getting the
> auxpropfunc error -7.  I'm starting to wonder if perhaps my
> configuration file for the server (in this case /etc/imapd.conf) is
> wrong.  Would this keep the plugin from loading?  Below in my
> imapd.conf file:

> partition-default: /var/spool/imap
> admins: cyrus root
> sasl_pwcheck_method: auxprop
> sasl_auxprop_plugin: libldapdb
> ldapdb_uri: ldapi://
> ldapdb_id:  admin
> ldapdb_pw: password
> ldapdb_mech: PLAIN

I don't use Cyrus imapd normally, but I loaded it up to see what's going on.
The reason libldapdb returns -7 (SASL_BADPARAM) is because it isn't getting
any config info. That seemed a bit odd to me, but here's the deal - imapd
does its own config file parsing, instead of using SASL's default config file
loader. One of the things imapd does when it initializes the SASL library is
to tell the SASL library to use imapd's own getopt function (SASL_CB_GETOPT
callback), which operates with imapd's config file. In ldapdb, I always use
whatever getopt() function is handed to the plugin in its utils pointer. I
believe this is always libsasl's internal getopt() function. So, this is the
first part of the problem; I need to check and see if the app has provided a
callback, and use that instead. This is a quick fix in ldapdb.c.

That's great, but in libsasl's _sasl_getcallback function, I find that
libsasl *always* gives you libsasl's own getopt function when you retrieve
the SASL_CB_GETOPT, even if the app tried to set its own. So after patching
ldapdb.c, it still doesn't work. In fact, no SASL plugins can ever retrieve
any configuration information when loaded in imapd, because they can't get
access to imapd's getopt function.

I believe this is a bug in libsasl - if the library never intends to let you
replace its built-in getopt function, then supporting SASL_CB_GETOPT in the
first place is meaningless. It should report an error if an app tries to set
the callback, instead of quietly ignoring it, so that people don't have to
bang their head against the wall for hours wondering why things don't work.
Better still, it ought to actually use the callbacks that an app tells it to

And by the way Joe, your config is wrong. Try:

> sasl_auxprop_plugin: ldapdb
> ldapdb_uri: ldap://

instead. The "ldapi://" scheme stands for LDAP over IPC, interprocess
communication. It does not use IP addresses, it uses Unix domain sockets.
Unix pathnames must be URL-escaped. E.g., if you wanted to use the socket
/var/run/ldap you would use
	ldapdb_uri: ldapi://%2fvar%2frun%2fldap

It's all a moot point for imapd until libsasl is fixed.

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