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Re: storing SSH keys in LDAP

In message <CEDF56071C90D611B8B000508BE9001C02CA3B4C@CAROLUS> on Thu, 6 Mar 2003 10:34:28 +0100 , Rob De Langhe <rob.delanghe@telindus.be> said:

rob.delanghe> I managed to load a new user into the LDAP dbase with a
rob.delanghe> "userCertificate" attribute specified in the input LDIF file :
rob.delanghe> dn: uid=james,dc=...
rob.delanghe> objectclass: posixAccount
rob.delanghe> objectClass: inetOrgPerson
rob.delanghe> ...
rob.delanghe> usercertificate; binary:: <the certificate from the user's
rob.delanghe> $HOME/.ssh/id_dsa.pub" file>
rob.delanghe> ...

You do know, I hope, that the userCertificate attribute is mean to
hold a X.509/PKIX certificate, not just a public key, right?

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