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Re: OpenLDAP Config Question

>>Now I'd like to remove the "user level" entries in the /etc/passwd and
>>/etc/shadow files.
>>Whenever  I do that user authentication stops working.  Does this mean
>>LDAP is not working ?
>That is correct.  Post some config files:
>/etc/openldap/ldap.conf (if you have that one)
>That should be a good start.

Does ldapsearch work?  Can you view you Dit from any of the many
available LDAP browsers?  If so your data is either wrong or you don't
have PAM/NSS setup correctly.  Post an example posixAccount object on
ldap@umich.edu or your PAM/NSS configuration to one of the PADL lists. 
If you can browse, etc..., you don't have an OpenLDAP problem.