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Re: problems connect to ldap server from another machine

I had already stopped  the IPTABLES with:
/etc/rc1.d/K92iptables stop
But that didn't help.
I didn't do the IPCHAINS yet, now that you mentioned it.
viola! - I stopped it and LDAP WORKS! 
I am not familiar with IPTABLES or IPCHAINS, does anyone
know a simple way to configure this to allow 389 requests through,
without having to take done the firewall protection?

>>> Dwight Tovey <dwight@dtovey.net> 03/04/03 02:50PM >>>
On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 15:13, Joel Thompson wrote:
> I was able to do a ldap search from the same RH box on the command
> line:
> ldapsearch -x -b 'dc=example,dc=com' '(objectclass=*)' -h -p
> 389
> and I can telnet 389 while on the RH box, and get connected.

> But when I attempt to connect to it another machine it just hangs. I
> even
> tried telneting from another machine:
> C:\>telnet 389
> Connecting To not open a connection to host on port
> 389 : Conn
> ect failed

It sounds like you probably have an IP filter that is blocking port 389
on the RH machine.  Depending on if you have iptables or ipchains, run
'iptables -L' (or 'ipchains -L') and look for "ldap" (or port 389) in
the output.  If it's there, then you need to remove that filter.  Look
at the iptables or ipchains docs for the proper command for that.  As a
quick test, you could of course remove all filters (run
'service iptables stop'), but that would leave you completely exposed.
Use at your own risk.

Dwight N. Tovey
Email: dwight@dtovey.net
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