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RE: linux slapadd: backend_startup: bi_db_open failed! (-1)

Yes, sorry for this. The error message that is logged in this case was set at
the wrong level so it wasn't printed out. This is now fixed in CVS.

There's a lot of features in slapd now that assume one subtree per database.
There's no good reason to put more than one disjoint subtrees in the same
database. Aside from the subtree indexing mentioned in this CVS log, other
operations also slow down when this is done.

Note that the suffixAlias feature was also removed in 2.1.13. The previous
support was broken, and could give inconsistent results. The bottom line is,
you must only use one suffix per database.

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> Hi,
> On Tuesday 04 March 2003 17:07, Brian Bisaillon wrote:
> > rootdn          "cn=DirectoryAdmin,dc=itarchitect,dc=ca"

> > With the above configs where slapd is UNABLE to start it
> will return the
> > following:
> >
> > Mar  4 10:48:32 linux slapd[4889]: bdb_db_init:
> Initializing BDB database
> > Mar  4 10:48:32 linux slapd[4890]: backend_startup:
> bi_db_open(0) failed!
> > (-1) Mar  4 10:48:32 linux slapd[4890]: slapd stopped.
> > Mar  4 10:48:32 linux slapd[4890]: connections_destroy:
> nothing to destroy.
> >
> > Now is this because of a pure configuration error on my
> part is is there
> > something else wrong? You will notice that the tutorial at
> the following
> > URL shows the following:

I knew it was somewhere in the CSV logs:
  CVS log for servers/slapd/back-bdb/init.c

  1.109 Thu Jan 30 21:00:16 2003 UTC; 4 weeks, 4 days ago by hyc
  Changed since 1.108: +13 -1 lines
  Diffs to 1.108 (colored diff)
  Disallow multiple suffixes by default. Otherwise subtree index optimization
  breaks. #define BDB_MULTIPLE_SUFFIXES if you want multiple suffix support.
  If you use it, subtree indexing will slow down by factor of 2.

It was a change between OpenLDAP 2.1.12 and
Since then a bdb database can only have one suffix.

Using a separate database in a separate file system directory
for each suffix might help.