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Re: TLS client certificate pb

Le mar 04/03/2003 à 14:34, Tony Earnshaw a écrit :
> Quite another thing is why you haven't been able to make ssl/tls work
> to now. Apart from your putting your certificates in "a daft place",
> what you've done should probably work, but there are so many "ifs and
> buts." For example, your host's genuine FQDN and what you told Openssl
> it was. Relatively easy to see with debug at -1 and Ethereal.
> *EVERYTHING* that you are attempting has been fully covered in the
> archives for this list - back to last July - with discussions,
> people (me for example;) saying "hoorah, hoorah, it works" and people
> being dragged round to other peoples' way of thinking, etc.
> I just think it's such a shame that it's not easier to search there. I
> have everything from this list since June/july 2002 on my harddisk.
> Searching in my MUA, Ximian's Evolution, is *so* easy and with that
> volume of info searching always turns up trumps, if anything has ever
> been discussed and solutions found.

Ok, I don't have the last year's archive in my Evolution's inbox, but I
searched the web archives a lot and I haven't found any solution to my

Just for inf, many people have had tls problems, but I haven't seen mine
I think it is not a FQDN problem, because the probleme comes only when I
add TLS_CERT and TLS_KEY keywords in .ldaprc

I must be a very, very bad at web search... I am going to have a look at
the last July archives, thanks to your advise.

I am going to investigate deeper

all apologies for my abusing behavior

I thank you all for your answers and the time you wasted


> Best,
> Tony