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Re: make test fails

Check that slapd is able to find the Berkeley libs (if i'm not wrong
OpenLDAP 2.0.27 is recommended version 4.0.x).

Do "ldd slapd"

If the berkeley libs are not found just put a link in /usr/lib to
/usr/Berkeleyx.x.x/lib/libx.x.so , just like i did ...

Hope this helps

-------Messaggio originale-------

Da: Rahul
Data: martedl 04 marzo 2003 14.03.23
A: openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
Oggetto: make test fails

Hello all,

As there is a pthread problem in openldap-2.0.27, i compiled openldap-2.0.15
with berkely db-2.7.7
all configure, make steps went fine.
But make test fails, so i installed it and while starting slapd, not able to
ldapadd -f <pathto>/<ldif filename> -xv-D"cnÚnager,dc?main,dc/m" -w
secret -d 8
ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> )
ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server

what may be the problem? i',m not able to trceout.
plz help me asap.