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Attribute with a trailing space


How can I search to attributes with an trailing space without using an * in the filter but with the 'Full Name'?

When I search for them with ldapsearch I can't find them in a way I expected / want.

ldapsearch -x -b "o=yours" -D "cn=Manager,o=yours" -w XXX "(o=whatsaname )" <whatsaname has a trailing space>

I get no result

ldapsearch -x -b "o=yours" -D "cn=Manager,o=yours" -w XXX "(o=whatsaname *)"

I get a result but I want to search only with the Full Name in the Filter and not with an *

I know that entries with a trailing space are stored in MIME-encoding format. Is this the reason I don't see the attributes with ldapsearch?

iPLanet LDAP-server finds this attribute without any problems. Is openLDAP not RFC-compliant or is this a feature of iPlanet LDAP-server?

Kind regards, Frank

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