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solaris binaries for pam_ldap available

I've just made some binaries for pam_ldap, for solaris 8 and later
(both x86 and sparc)

Unfortunately, I dont have good facilities to test it any more. But
if someone would like to test them and let me know they are good, I will
then add them into the rest of the CSW packages at blastwave.org

So if some of the solaris folks would like to oblige me by validating
the binaries,  please try out the pam_openldap packages from


and let me know if they work for you or not.

padl lib version 161 is used, so if you are using an earlier version,
this is a good excuse to have a drop-in replacement.

[Well, almost drop-in. I named the shared libs "pam_openldap.so", not
 "pam_ldap.so" to avoid any possibility of conflicting with sun's
 pam_ldap.so libs. ]