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Re: Java-LDAP APIs

Clayton Donley wrote:
While both APIs allow access to LDAP servers from Java, they do it in very
different ways.

The Novell JLDAP stuff really maps much closer to LDAP itself than any of
the other LDAP APIs for Java. Among other things it will give you the
ability to have finer controls over searches, controls used, etc...than most
other LDAP APIs (including JNDI, though Java 1.4.1 closes the gap on this
somewhat, though not completely).

I like the Mozilla/Netscape SDK myself. The only reason I didn't use Novell JLDAP is because it so *obviously* cannibalized the Netscape package without offering a whole lot that was new useful. However, I would concede that the support and future of the Mozilla SDK is a bit more up in the air. JNDI is considered elegant for simple communication, but I agree that it has less LDAP-specific functionality and what is there is retro-fitted. Of course, if you really want to build LDAP applications fast, you can use my offering:


which is currently built on top of and delivered with the Mozilla/Netscape SDK. For my next trick, I'll deliver a simple LDAP weblog application example with only two small classes :)

Jon Roberts