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one thing the novell implementation lacks is anything other than simple
the last time i checked the only sasl mech supported was plain.

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Hi Steve,

While both APIs allow access to LDAP servers from Java, they do it in
different ways.

The Novell JLDAP stuff really maps much closer to LDAP itself than any
the other LDAP APIs for Java. Among other things it will give you the
ability to have finer controls over searches, controls used, etc...than
other LDAP APIs (including JNDI, though Java 1.4.1 closes the gap on
somewhat, though not completely).

The OctetString JDBC-LDAP bridge actually sits on top of the Java Naming
Directory Interface (JNDI) and provides a way for people with
that are already written for databases to more easily use LDAP
by giving these folks a way of accessing LDAP directories using JDBC and
SQL. It doesn't, however, give you the ability to do things like send
controls and is probably not the best development kit to use for a new
application in which you will be using the directory for typical
management stuff where directories are already becoming more common than

I will point out that one of the more interesting uses of the JDBC-LDAP
bridge is the use by non-programmers in JDBC-enabled report generation
software to do report writing out of LDAP servers. This is possible
the JDBC-LDAP bridge can be plugged into most JDBC-enabled applications
without any real code changes. I should also point out that this doesn't
any database functionality (referential integrity, etc...) to the
server or change the type of data that belongs in the directory.


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On 3/3/03 12:53 PM, "Steve.Lewis@ctimi.com" <Steve.Lewis@ctimi.com>

> What are the differences between the JDBC-LDAP bridge and Novell's
> Library?  Any pros/cons?  The openldap.org site seems to be down.  Or
> our internet at work is broke.  Time to put another AOL CD in the
> Heh.
> Steve
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