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Re: Java-LDAP APIs

> What are the differences between the JDBC-LDAP bridge and Novell's LDAP
> Library?

The way you access information. That's all. It really comes down to what
you want to do with it. You may also want to look at the Netscape/Mozilla
API and any of the DSML toolkits.

The pro of using an API directly is that it may expose more of the
LDAP-specific features that the other adapters won't. For example,
persistent searching would be very difficult to implement (I would think)
with a JDBC-LDAP adapter.

As far as OpenLDAP is concerned (and this list), it is important to make
sure the features you want to use are actually implemented in the LDAP
server. It is possible that the specific adapter may not work with the
specific implementation of the server (like persistent searching).