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Re: Authentication, please HELP.

On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 04:04, Douglas Power wrote:
Hi all.

I am currently running openldap - 2.0.23. I am NOT running kerberosV
and don't intend to. I need to know how to test if tls is working. I
have done an ethereal dump with (tls = yes and tls = no) and both dumps
look the same.

Well, I can at least give you a clue here, if nowhere else.  What I've done to test is use 'ngrep', on the server, which has worked wonderfully.  You can see how to use it in this context at the same place I found out about it -->
 Also is there an ldap version that supports DIGEST-MD5
authentication or how do I enable it in my current version.
Support for this, if I'm not mistaken, is supplied via the Cyrus-SASL libraries - but I haven't used them.  Maybe this at least gives you another term to add to your googling.  The link above also mentions DIGEST-MD5 with relation to these libraries.