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RE: OpenLDAP install issue with SASL

Aside from making sure SASL/OpenLDAP get pointed to the correct crypt()
routine, the 0.9.7 ca app segfaults while signing certificates. This makes it
impossible to use when bootstrapping a certificate-based installation. I
haven't checked 0.9.7a yet but presumably these problems have been ironed

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> * Quanah Gibson-Mount (quanah@stanford.edu) wrote:
> > Is there any reason you are using such an outdated version
> of Cyrus-SASL?
> > The current Cyrus-SASL version is 2.1.12.  Also, OpenLDAP
> does not function
> > well with OpenSSL 0.9.7 last I heard, so you might want to
> drop back to
> > OpenSSL 0.9.6i.  You also will want to use Berkeley DB
> 4.1.25, not 4.1.24.
> > I'd try making those changes, and then compiling and seeing
> what happens.
> Can you substantiate this?  I'm using OpenSSL 0.9.7 with
> OpenLDAP 2.1.12
> here with TLS and everything turned on and it is working fine
> for me so
> far.  The problem I've run into in the past is when 0.9.7 and
> 0.9.6 end
> up getting linked into the same running program because of
> SASL or some
> other piece of the system being compiled against 0.9.6 while
> OpenLDAP is
> compiled against 0.9.7.
> 	Stephen