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evolutionPerson, zillaPerson and 'description'

Hi again.

I'm working on getting the very last attribute for my schema working.  It's giving me huge probelms.  Here's the short version:

core.schema defines the attributetype 'description' which is what the Mozilla address book uses to display the 'other' field in the 'Card' view of the search results. (Hope I'm clear there).

evolutionperson.schema defines the attributetype 'note' which is functionally and syntactically equal to 'description'.  It's what evolution uses to get the 'Notes' part of a contact card. 

So I figured I could map evolution's 'note' to core's 'description', like this:

attributetype ( NAME ( 'description' 'note' )
        EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
        SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
        SYNTAX{1024} )

However, doing this only returns results in Mozilla (description) - not Evo (note).  Reversing the order of the attribute names in the core.schema file reverses the result - Evo works, and not Mozilla. 

Has anyone seen this issue before?  Any clues are much appreciated.