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replicate to a DX-View(X500DAP, X500DSP) Server


we have in our company an application which relies centrally on an
X500DAP,X500DSP Server. This Server can be queried via the LDAP-Protocol,
but I don't know if it supports also ldapadd.ldapmodify and so on...

Every decentral location should have also a Directory with the same content.
But every location should administer and modify its content by its own. (its
branch in the tree). Since I'm using here Openldap and don't want to give it
away I'am looking for a way to replicate my content to this server.

So I installed an ldapmaster which replicates via slurpd to an ldapproxy,
which should give it to a third ldap-server. As I modified an attribute on
the ldapmaster I get the follwing message from my ldapproxy: 

RESULT tag=103 err=19 text=entryCSN: no user modification allowed
Feb 27 15:19:36 lxlki108 ldapproxy[20161]: conn=0 op=2 MOD dn="cn=by
augsburg pi 8,ou=BY,o=POL,c=DE"

What am I doing wrong ? Are there other possibilities ? The second step is
to get LDAP-Requests from the central server ( for other branches) to my
LDAP-Proxy which should give it to my ldapproxy which should pass that
values, operations to my ldapmaster.