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RE: Re: Listing /home dir very slow [SOLVED]

Yes, that is very slow. Add an index on uidnumber and gidnumber (eq) to speed
that up. When using pam_ldap and nss_ldap you need to index at least cn, uid,
uidnumber, and gidnumber in addition to objectclass.

The docs on the OpenLDAP site talk about setting up OpenLDAP. For help with
pam_ldap or nss_ldap, you should be asking on e.g. pamldap@padl.com.

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> hi,
> For doing an ls -la in /home, is 2-3 lines per second slow for LDAP?
> The only indexing option I have is:
> 	# Indexing options
> 	index objectClass eq
> Anyone know of some more reading on config/setup LDAP? I find the docs
> on OpenLDAP to be not so complete past how to do a quick setup.