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Re: BDB log.xxx Files

Howard Chu wrote:

> Read the slapd-bdb(5) man page. Look at the "checkpoint" keyword. Read the
> Berkeley DB documentation.

Frank Swasey wrote:

> There is a bug in 2.1.12.... it's fixed in 2.1.13 :-)


Howard, Frank,

thanks for your reply!

I read the mentioned documentation and looked in the bug (ITS) database
- but I'm still not sure.
Could you please help again?

1) Will a 
checkpoint 10240 60
(10 MB, 60 min) automatically give the old files free, so that some kind
of crontab
db_archive | xargs [...] rm [...]
will keep my disk clear?
Or is there - despite the "checkpoint" a bug and I should
upgrade/recompile/reinstall 2.1.12 -> 2.1.13?

2) You didn't say anything to the 224 MB memory usage for such a small
DB? Or is this related to not-checkpointing (releasing) the logs?

Thanks again!