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RE: BDB log.xxx Files

Read the slapd-bdb(5) man page. Look at the "checkpoint" keyword. Read the
Berkeley DB documentation.

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> Hi!
> I have set up a small LDAP Server mainly serving as E-Mail Adressbook
> for Netscape/Mozilla/Outlook Express Clients. It contains about 250
> Entries, wich are updated via a script every 20 minutes.
> The Database has indices over
> index   objectClass             eq
> index   cn,sn,givenName,mail    pres,eq,approx,sub
> Today I realized that in the openldap-data dir are a huge (some
> Gigabytes!!) of log.xxxxxxx (where xxxx is an ascending
> number) logfiles.
> I googeled a bit and found:
> a) Those are Berkeley DB Transaction logs for recovery, right?
> b) I can delete all those files that db_archive tells me are
> not in use,
> right?
> But: since the slapd was running since two weeks or so,
> db_archive gave
> not one (!) filename that is save to delete. According to b)
> I have to
> keep all those files? After restarting slapd db_archive then
> told me a
> lot of files and I could free some diskspace.
> Do I really have to restart LDAP every now and then to get
> safely rid of
> those (<for me>useless</for me>) Transaction logs? Can I configure
> somewhere that I don't need them?
> By the way: I found the slapd process to be 224 MB after two weeks - I
> know that might be caching, but is that normal for just one database
> with the above dimensions? After restart it was about 2 MB
> and now its about 5 MB.