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Re: NDS to OpenLDAP

fre, 2003-02-21 kl. 20:09 skrev Justin Zygmont:

> since console one is written in java, has anyone been sucessful in getting 
> it to run under linux, and can it be used for LDAP?

Apart from what Bruce said, which I didn't know existed, console1 for
Linux is included with the relevant eDirectory package for Linux, so
that's no hassle. Quite another thing is, whether it will work with 4.11
NDS. The point is, that NDS has so much more (particular to NetWare)
than any LDAP  implementation, that schemas aren't available for most of
it. When confronted by the same thing for a network with NetWare 5,
Linux and Windows 2000 servers, for which an SSO was necessary, I
advised eDirectory across the board. Even though the general wish is for
Openldap. eDirectory 8.x is free for linux for a 90 day trial and even
after that, it's not exactly expensive, so download and play around with




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