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Re: NDS to OpenLDAP

fre, 2003-02-21 kl. 15:54 skrev Raphaël Berghmans:

> I've to migrate un Netware 4.11 to a samba/openldap solution.
> How can I import into OpenLDAP the data containing in the NDS of NetWare
> 4.11 ?

Basically, you can not. There is *too* much underlying detail in NDS
4.11 and no ldap interface that I know of (others might correct me :).

1: Upgrade NDS 4.11 to eDirectory 8.x
Use nldap.nlm
Import a subset of eDirectory 8.x into Openldap using ldif or whatever
you find most handy (like GQ)


2: upgrade the whole NetWare thing to eDirectory 8.x across platforms
like NetWare, Linux, Solaris (allrecent), Windows thingies, AIX

Use nldapd with ldap connectivity to integrate with Samba

Ask for a wage- and pension rise before you begin on either 1: or 2:,
since you are risking premature aging.




Tony Earnshaw

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you are robbing him of his happiness

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